Fully Refurbished Bollegraaf HBC80 (45kW) + crosswires Bollegraaf HBC80 (45kW)



Type Bollegraaf HBC80 (45kW)
Power 45kW
Year 2006
Hours 0
Condition Fully refurbished including 2 yr warranty

Bale dimensions



Counter pressure pump
Needle installation
Oil cooler fan
Pump for oil cooling
Operating pressure

Max capacity

Volume mg/hour
Weight kg/m3
Weight t/hour


Additional information

Sold by Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, the original manufacturer of this Bollegraaf baler + Bollegraaf HBT Chain conveyor.

Year of construction 2006

Currently this baler is fully refurbished by our refurbishment workshop. 

2 year warranty

Baler; HBC80 (45kW) crosswires
Weight: 24.000 KG
Construction year: 2006
Last known hours of operation: 24967
Crosswires 3 horizontal wires + 5 vertical wires
Modem for remote support
Plastic valve
Variable channel pressure system
Middle hopper
Belt infeed hopper
Higher supports
Bale exit
4x wire platforms

The refurbishment process is done to our very strict OEM refurbishment guidelines. 
Bollegraaf OEM Factory-Certified Refurbished Balers: 
Only Bollegraaf can guarantee that a reconditioned baler is built according to factory standards. 
At our location in Appingedam we have a special overhaul workshop where we overhaul used balers. 
When you purchase a Bollegraaf OEM Factory-Certified Refurbished Baler, you can be sure the baler has been fully inspected and is as good as new. 
Remanufactured or used Bollegraaf balers from other companies do not undergo the same rigorous inspection and reconstruction.
General principles overhaul
Cleaning and disassembly
The baler is completely cleaned and dismantled in our overhaul workshop.
The tolerances of all steel components are measured and where necessary welded again.
At least this applies to;
  • Ram,
  • Frame,
  • Channel,
  • Pre-press flap
The ram is re-welded and fitted with new ram wheels.
The protective grids and the pre-pressure flap are made dent-free and repaired where necessary.
After measuring the tolerances and any repair and welding work, all components are repainted.
The hydraulic tank is cleaned.
The hydraulic lines & hoses are replaced.
The hydraulic components are repackaged.
The hydraulic oil is replaced.
All cabling is checked and replaced if necessary.
All junction boxes are replaced and placed back in easily accessible positions.
Wear parts:
All wear parts are replaced.
The pins and shafts of the cylinders and the channel are replaced with new ones.
All wearing parts of the (both) needle installations and knots are replaced by new ones.
The cylinders are repackaged and, if necessary, provided with a new chrome layer or a new cylinder rod.
Control box
The switch box is checked and cleaned.
If necessary, electronic components are replaced with new ones.